Global Color Applications with Mike

The food industry is increasingly a global market. The emerging markets in Asia and Latin America provide growth avenues for many of the world’s leading consumer packaged food companies. The global economic environment remains challenging and continues to evolve. With over 30 years of international business experience, Mike Geraghty is tuned in to the latest developments.

World Market Trends with Emina

From North America, Europe, and Latin America to China and Asia Pacific, the food industry is increasingly becoming a global business with new opportunities for consumer packaged food companies. With more than twenty-one years of experience in the food industry, Emina Goodman is an expert at navigating the world of color applications. Holding the highest position of Chair on the Beverage and Ingredient R&D Technical Committee for the International Society of Beverage Technologists, she is well-positioned to share her color insights in the global community of product developers.